Dewey Weber 9.4 Performer


The Performer is the most popular longboard model of all time. We’ve used Dewey’s original template to make an exact replica of the 1967 design. Dewey & Iggy designed this board to meet the needs of every surfer in all conditions. It’s one the best paddling boards you’ll find & it turns incredibly well for as wide as it is.  Remember, Dewey was the ‘Father of Hot-dogging’ & this board was designed in the mid 60’s with performance in mind.  But it is also one of the world’s best noseriders!  Its pinched 60/40 rail offers the forgiveness of a soft rail but much better performance than the 50/50 rails of the early 60’s.  For its class (traditional soft rail single fin), you won’t find a better board out there.

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Dewey Weber 9.4 Performer

Dewey Weber 9.4 Performer -Yellow/red/yellow tint. Volan fiberglass - Coming to you straight from the Dewey Weber Showroom in Surfboard Alley – San Clemente – CA.


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    I have owned 2 Weber Performers in the mid 9 foot lengths. They both do very well in Texas’s constantly changing surf conditions. I love to ride the nose!

    In 2009, this board helped save my life. I got trapped offshore of Surfside and needed to make it to an oil rig 14 miles out. After paddling for over 10 hours, I arrived with gas to spare; I couldn’t have done it on a board that didn’t “glide like the wind”.

    Be safe,

    John B

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