60th Anniversary 13" Hatchet Fin

USD $145.00

The Dewey Weber Hatchet Fin was designed by Dewey in 1965. The original template was a massive 18” and was called the ‘Turn Fin’, before adopting the nickname, the ‘Hatchet Fin’. Once the function of the fin was set, Dewey worked on a profile that would be synonymous with the Weber Performer & Dewey Weber Surfboards

This limited edition Hatchet Fin features the 60th Anniversary logo.

As a prominent and highly influential figure in the early days of the surf industry, Dewey Weber maintained a focus not only on innovation but also on craftsmanship and education. An ongoing commitment to these original core principles continues to set Dewey Weber Surfboards apart in a surf industry that has often favored rapid growth and mass production methods over quality and individualized experience.

Join us in celebrating 60 years of making and “Dew-ing” surfboards the Weber way!