The Right Board

As a prominent and highly influential figure in the early days of the surf industry, Dewey Weber maintained a focus not only on innovation but also on craftsmanship and education. An ongoing commitment to these original core principles continues to set Dewey Weber Surfboards apart in a surf industry that has often favored rapid growth and mass production methods over quality and individualized experience.

Dewey Weber Surfboards isn’t focused on selling surfboards. It’s focus is on selling the right surfboard to the right person, whether it’s a beginner looking for the right equipment to get started with or a hardcore devotee looking for fresh inspiration and re-enchantment from a variety of board shapes offering a wide spectrum of waveriding experiences.

A surfboard built by Dewey Weber is something you can count on. We constantly evaluate and fine tune designs ensure that you get the best surfboard possible. That is why we currently make 18 models - from traditional longboards to performance shortboards to stand-up paddle boards. If you can dream it, we can build it. When the Dewey Weber name is on a surfboard, you can trust that is the best quality you can find.