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Dewey History

Dewey Weber was a dynamic force in and out of the water. With his blond hair, compact muscular stature, and flamboyant personality he brought surfing to a new level of world-wide recognition. He epitomized the surfing lifestyle launching a trends in both surfboard design and fashion that remain a mainstay in the surfing market today. Dewey was the first surfing “star” to establish himself as a leader in the surf business community. In the 1960′s he quickly gained recognition as the most innovative and largest surfboard manufacturer in the world.

He contributed to major advancements in surfboard design and manufacturing technology. He broadened the market base by introducing skateboard and apparel lines to the surf business.

Dewey designed his first garment line in the 1960′s. His surf team of more than 30 athletes, affectionately known as the “Redcoats” hit the beach in 1964 resplendent in full Dewey Weber regalia, making a fashion statement still in evidence in the 1998 Dewey Weber Surf Wear line.

In business since 1960, the company retains its leadership position in the surf industry. Since Dewey’s death in 1993, the Weber family has dedicated themselves to the continuance of Dewey’s commitment to excellence in all their product lines. And perhaps, most importantly they stay “close to the soul” of the surfing lifestyle by just going surfing.