Present & Future

Weber Experience

Stay Close to the Soul© isn’t just a saying for us, it is the core of what Dewey Weber is all about. We believe that the ‘Weber Experience’ is more than just a high quality surfboard. It is our focus to make sure all our customers get the best service possible. We will always take the time to ask the necessary questions to maximize the chance of getting you on the right board. On the off chance you’re not satisfied with the performance of your board, come back to see us within 2 weeks and we’ll get you on something else. It is our job to supply our customers with the knowledge necessary to make the right choice because it is our belief that you deserve no less.


From concept to reality, a surfboard built by Dewey Weber is something you can count on. Each shape and material is tested and taken to the limits by members of the Dewey Weber Competition Team. It’s their job to make sure that you get the best board possible. It’s our job to constantly evaluate and fine tune designs and make sure that you receive the finest board possible. Not just in quality, but also in performance. Dewey Weber isn’t just a longboard company, we’re a boarding company….Always have been. That is why we currently make 25 different stock shapes from traditional longboards to alternative shortboards to stand-up paddleboards. We have also worked diligently with the different foam and resin options so that we can guarantee any custom board you order from us, be it PU/polyester or EPS/epoxy. If you can dream it, we can build it. We make surfboards for you, and no matter what, you can trust Dewey Weber to give you a surfboard that is the best quality you can find.


When Clark Foam closed in 2005, many thought it meant the end of the custom surfboard. Fast forward to today, and the custom surfboard has never had more relevance or value. It was inevitable that there would be competition from overseas manufacturers, but everything has a way of working itself out. Imported boards make the custom surfboard more valuable. Being able to work with your shaper is something that will never lose its value. The ability to customize any aspect of your new board (stringers, color, fiberglass, fins, etc.) is something that I believe was taken for granted for too many years. Remember, not all surfboards are created equal and neither are all surfers. It is naïve for us to think that we can mass produce a product and expect it to work for everyone. At Dewey Weber, we don’t follow industry standards…We set our own. We have very definite ideas on how we develop and produce our products. We have a responsibility to not only our consumers, but to our heritage. As always, Stay Close to the Soul!