7'2" Ski

USD $1,445.00 Sold


Length Width Thickness
7'2" 22 1/2" 3"


5/32” Bass stringer, 1/2 Lime green & 1/2 Deep golden yellow resin tint, 1/2" Black stripe, gloss & polish, single fin, Made in USA

  • Rails: Hard
  • Tail: Thumb
  • Fin Setup: Single
  • Ideal Wave Size: 1 - 6ft+ (Most)
  • Ability: Beginner - Advanced

A throwback to a different time, this mid-length board has its own look and feel. SKI stands for Synthetic Kinetic Instinct & it was one of the first planing hulls of the transition era. At the time, this board combined several different design principles that Dewey & his team were experimenting with. This board was strongly influenced by Dewey & former Weber Team riders Nat Young, Mike Tabeling & Harold Iggy. This was the board Nat was riding in the cult surf video “Morning of the Earth.” We were inspired to re-introduce the SKI to our line of retro shortboards because by 2006, it was the most requested model that we didn’t offer. Like many of our transition shapes, this board was the future of surfing. The SKI turns sick from the tail, yet cruises from the middle & even noserides under the right conditions.