Lime Green & Golden Yellow

9'4" Planer

USD $1,975.00 Sold


Length Width Thickness
9'4" 23 3/8"" 3 3/16"


6” Wedge Foam T-Band stringer, Half Lime Green tint & Half Golden Yellow tint, Black stripe, Volan Fiberglass, Made in USA

  • Rails: 60/40
  • Tail: Square
  • Fin Setup: Single
  • Ideal Wave Size: 1 - 6ft
  • Ability: Intermediate - Expert

The Planer was conceptualized and designed by our shaper, Jerry O'Keefe with the nose riding enthusiast in mind. Jerry had been playing around with the idea of a 'reverse' rocker and thought the Performer outline would be a great place to start. He dropped the nose rocker, increased the tail rocker, thinned out the tail, narrowed the template slightly and added concave under the nose. The added kick in the tail allows the board to turn easier and lock into the pocket when you're on the nose. A crowd favorite, everyone who rides a Planer says the they're unreal!