Red White & Blue

9'6" Champion

USD $2,100.00 Sold


Length Width Thickness
9'6" 22 7/8" 3 1/18"


3 Stringer, 1/2 Weber Red & 1/2 Royal Blue, White band, Made in USA

  • Rails: 60/40
  • Tail: Moon
  • Fin Setup: Single
  • Ideal Wave Size: 1 - 6ft
  • Ability: Intermediate - Expert

The WEBER CHAMPION is without a doubt one of our most cutting-edge designs. The Champion is a special collaboration between our head shaper, Jerry O'Keefe, and some of our team riders. It's a hybrid traditional single fin bred from both the point breaks and beach breaks of Southern California. The Champion design concept is inspired by the Feather, the Planer, and the 1967 Harold Iggy Model. With its pig-style template, radically-reversed rocker, and pinched 60/40 rails, the Champion offers increased speed, power, and maneuverability. On the bottom, its tail features a double-barrel concave which harnesses the flow of water and creates added stability. Subtle nose concave works in conjunction with the reverse rocker to maximize tip-time in the pocket. Through several prototypes and much R&D, The Champion has been delicately balanced to ensure the highest quality surfing experience. In short, the Champion is a lean, mean, noseriding machine. It is truly an evolution of Dewey Weber's surfing history and a continuance of his legacy. It's a reflection of our brand, and a statement of what we at Dewey Weber are all about - Staying Close to the Soul. The Champion was unveiled in 2015 and is ready for you, but the question is... are you ready for it?